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The partners at Selling Point Solutions have a combined 70 years of experience recruiting salespeople. Since the mid 90’s, we have encountered various markets, starting from high unemployment, to the biggest market boom in history, to the Great Recession, and to our current hiring craze . Through it all, we have consistently met the demands of our clients and candidates. Our value is summarized below:

Nothing replaces experience. Chances are we have performed a similar search or helped a candidate with a similar background to yours. If your company needs to fill several territories ASAP, or your company needs to hire a VP of Sales, we can handle it. With our knowledge and resources, we can meet your needs.

CHICAGO, CHICAGO, CHICAGO. By focusing in one market, we have the ability to leverage our territory knowledge and network of clients and contacts. If you are a hiring company, we can provide you with the amount of candidates necessary to find the right match. If you are a salesperson looking, we will typically have more than one opportunity to present to you.

Our goal is to work with you until a hire is made. We understand that "time is money". We also understand the consequences of making a bad decision. In a challenging job market, it is critical to be persistent, focused, and determined.

Regardless if you are a hiring manager or a salesperson, we will provide an honest opinion if we can assist you. We do not believe in wasting time.

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